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List of Huawei: Huawei Certification Dumps

Exam Code Name Price
H19-251 Dumps Huawei Certified Specialist-sales-CM $850
H19-450 Dumps Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specilaist-PV $850
H19-451 Dumps Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specilaist-CM $850
H20-681 Dumps Huawei Certified Field Specialist - Smart PV Controller $850
H31-512 Dumps HCNP - Cloud Solution Architect $850
H31-521 Dumps HCNA-CDOM(Cloud Data Center Operation Maintenance) $850
H35-250 Dumps HSC - Datacom $850
H35-380 Dumps HSC - Core Network PS $850
H35-450 Dumps HCS - Wireless GUL Commissioning $850
H35-910 Dumps HCS-Wireless Hardware Installation (written) $850
H35-912 Dumps HCS - Central Equipement Room Hardware Installation (Written) $850
H35-913 Dumps HCS - Site Power Hardware Installation (written) $850
H35-914 Dumps HCS - Data Center Energy Hardware Installation (written) $850
H35-915 Dumps HCS - FTTX OSP Hardware Installation (written) $850
H35-841 Dumps HCS - FTTx OSP Survey and Design $850
OC-01 Dumps Open ROADS Associate $850
H35-942 Dumps HCS - Home Service Activation $850
H19-120 Dumps HCPA-PV(Huawei certified Pre-sales Associate-Photovoltaic) $850
H35-921 Dumps HCIP-ICTOM Developer $850
OC-11 Dumps Open ROADS Consultant - Strategic Dynamism $850
OC-12 Dumps Open ROADS Consultant - Customer Centricity $850
OC-14 Dumps Open ROADS Consultant - Innovation & Lean Delivery $850
H35-917 Dumps HCS - 5G Wireless Hardware Installation (Written) V1.0 $850
H31-513 Dumps HCS-Cloud Service Sales V1.0 $850
H35-461 Dumps HCS-5G RF V1.0 $850
H35-923 Dumps HCIP-OWS Developer V1.0 $850
H21-294 Dumps HCS-SeniorSolution-Education $850
H21-295 Dumps HCS-SeniorSolution-Medical $850
H21-299 Dumps HCS-SeniorSolution-Broadcasting & Media $850
H21-291 Dumps HCS-SeniorSolution-Public Security $850
H21-296 Dumps HCS-SeniorSolution-Electric $850
H21-298 Dumps HCS-SeniorSolution-Large Enterprise $850
H35-462 Dumps HCS-5G RF Advanced V1.0 $850
H31-422 Dumps HCIE-LTE (Written) V1.0 $850
H13-731_V2.0 Dumps HCIE-Big Data-Data Mining V2.0 $850
H35-950 Dumps HCS-HUAWEI CLOUD Stack Service Management V1.0 $850
H35-951 Dumps HCS-HUAWEI CLOUD Stack Operations V1.0 $850
OC-13 Dumps "Open ROADS Consultant - Digital Culture $850
OC-15 Dumps Open ROADS Consultant - Big Data & AI $850
OC-16 Dumps Open ROADS Consultant - Technology Leadership $850
H21-292 Dumps HCS-SeniorSolution-Digital Government $850
H21-293 Dumps HCS-SeniorSolution-Finance $850
H21-297 Dumps HCS-SeniorSolution-Transport $850
H35-650 Dumps HCIA-5G-Core V1.0 $850
H35-670 Dumps HCIA-5G-Bearer V1.0 $850
H28-151 Dumps HCSA-Development-Horizon Digital Platform V1.0 $850
H13-111_V1.5 Dumps HCIA-Kunpeng Application Developer V1.5 $850
H13-911_V1.5 Dumps HCIA-GaussDB V1.5 $850
H19-379 Dumps HCS-Pre-sales-Cloud $850
H20-411 Dumps HCSA-Field-IMOC $850
H28-152 Dumps HCSP-Development-IMOC $850
H31-514 Dumps HCSA-Cloud Migration $850
H53-821_V2.0 Dumps HCIP-Cloud Service DevOps Engineer V2.0 $850
H12-881_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-Datacom-Network Automation Developer V1.0 $850
H31-910 Dumps HCSA-Orchestration-RPA Application V1.0 $850
H31-911 Dumps HCSP-Orchestration-RPA Application V1.0 $850
H35-925 Dumps HCSA-Orchestration-APP & Process V1.0 $850
H35-926 Dumps HCSP-Orchestration-APP & Process V1.0 $850
H35-927 Dumps HCSP-Orchestration-Network Activity Automation V1.0 $850
H12-421_V2.0 Dumps HCIP-Data Center Facility Deployment V2.0 $850
H12-425_V2.0 Dumps HCIP-Data Center Facility Deployment V2.0 $850
H12-461_V1.0 Dumps HCIE-Data Center Facility Design (Written) V1.0 $850
H35-651 Dumps HCIP-5G-Core V1.0 $850
H13-321_V2.0 Dumps HCIP-AI-EI Developer V2.0 $850
H13-921_V1.5 Dumps HCIP-GaussDB-OLTP V1.5 $850
H12-871_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-Datacom-SD-WAN Planning and Deployment V1.0 $850
H20-682 Dumps HCSA-Field-Smart PV $850
H52-111_V2.5 Dumps HCIP-IoT Developer V2.5 $850
H12-511_V1.0 Dumps HCIA-Intelligent Vision V1.0 $850
H12-521_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-Intelligent Vision V1.0 $850
H12-351_V1.0 Dumps HCIE-WLAN (Written) V1.0 $159.99
H13-121_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-Kunpeng Application Developer V1.0 $850
H31-516 Dumps HCSE-Cloud Solutions Architect (Written) V1.0 $850
H13-324_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-AI-Ascend Developer V1.0 $850
H19-365_V1.0 Dumps HCS-Pre-sales-Bidding V1.0 $850
H19-366_V1.0 Dumps HCS-Pre-Sale-IP V1.0 $850
H19-367_V1.0 Dumps HCS-Pre-sales-IP(WLAN) V1.0 $850
H19-368_V1.0 Dumps HCS-Pre-sales-Transmission & Access V1.0 $850
H19-369_V1.0 Dumps HCS-Pre-sales-IT V1.0 $850
H19-370_V1.0 Dumps HCS-Pre-sales-EC V1.0 $850
H19-374_V1.0 Dumps HCS-Pre-sales-IVS V1.0 $850
H19-375_V1.0 Dumps HCS-Pre-sales-IP(DCN) V1.0 $850
H19-376_V1.0 Dumps HCS-Pre-sales-IP(Security) V1.0 $850
H19-382_V1.0 Dumps HCS-Pre-sales-IP(Campus) V1.0 $850
H20-683_V1.0 Dumps HCSP-Field-Smart PV V1.0 $850
H12-841_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-Datacom-Campus Network Planning and Deployment V1.0 $850
H12-851_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-Datacom-Enterprise Network Solution Design V1.0 $850
H12-861_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-Datacom-WAN Planning and Deployment V1.0 $850
H12-931_V1.0 Dumps HCIE-Transmission (Written) V1.0 $850
H13-231_V1.0 Dumps HCIE-Intelligent Computing (Written) V1.0 $850
H13-431_V2.0 Dumps HCIE-Data Center (Written) V2.0 $850
H19-319 Dumps HCPA-Intelligent Collaboration $850
H35-821 Dumps HCIP-Datacom-Carrier IP Core Technology V1.0 $850
H35-822 Dumps HCIP-Datacom-Carrier IP Bearer V1.0 $850
H14-211_V1.0 Dumps HCIA-HarmonyOS Application Developer V1.0 $850
H14-221_V1.0 Dumps HCIA-HarmonyOS Device Developer V1.0 $850
H35-662 Dumps HCSP-Solution-5GtoB Service V1.0 $850
H19-336 Dumps HCPP-Digital Power $850
H12-321_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0 $850
H12-322_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-WLAN-POEW V1.0 $850
H12-721_V3.0 Dumps HCIP-Security-CISN V3.0 $850
H35-663 Dumps HCSP-Field-5GtoB Service Planning and Design V1.0 $850
H19-338 Dumps HCPP-Storage $850
H13-211_V1.0 Dumps HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0 $850
H13-221_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-Intelligent Computing V1.0 $850
H14-311_V1.0 Dumps HCIA-openGauss V1.0 $850
H13-331_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-AI-MindSpore Developer V1.0 $850
H13-527_V4.0 Dumps HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 $850
H14-611_V1.0 Dumps HCIA-MDC Application Developer V1.0 $850
H21-300 Dumps HCSE-Presales-Intelligent Campus $850
H31-515_V2.0 Dumps HCSP-Cloud Migration V2.0 $850
H31-610 Dumps HCSA-Development-Low Code @GDE V1.0 $850
H35-580_V2.0 Dumps HCIA-5G-RNP&RNO V2.0 $850
H35-581_V2.0 Dumps HCIP-5G-RNP&RNO V2.0 $850
H12-611_V1.0 Dumps HCIA-openEuler V1.0 $850
H13-831_V2.0 Dumps HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect (Written) V2.0 $850
H35-823 Dumps HCIP-Datacom-Carrier Cloud Bearer $850
H31-523_V2.0 Dumps HCSE-Cloud DataCenter Operations (Written) $850
H35-582_V1.5 Dumps HCIE-5G-Radio(Written) V1.5 $850
H28-154_V1.0 Dumps HCSA-Development-AppCube Low Code Platform V1.0 $850
H21-282 Dumps HCSP-Presales-Service $850
H12-531_V1.0 Dumps HCIE-Intelligent Vision (Written) V1.0 $850
H12-921_V1.0 Dumps HCIE-Data Center Network (Written) V1.0 $850
H14-231_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-HarmonyOS Application Developer V1.0 $850
H14-241_V1.0 Dumps HCIP-HarmonyOS Device Developer V1.0 $850
H35-831 Dumps HCIE-Datacom-Carrier (Written) V1.0 $850
H19-250_V2.0 Dumps HCSA-Sales-Smart PV V2.0 $850
H19-335 Dumps HCSP-Presales-Transmisson & Access $850
H19-379_V1.0 Dumps HCSA-Presales-Cloud V1.0 $850
H19-383_V1.0 Dumps HCSA-Presales-Smart PV V1.0 $850
H35-665 Dumps HCSP-Solution-5G Security V1.0 $850
H31-131 Dumps HCSA-PM V1.0 $850
H11-879_V2.0 Dumps HCIE-Collaboration (Written) V2.0 $850
H13-511_V5.0 Dumps HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.0 $850
H13-527_V5.0 Dumps HCIP-Cloud Computing V5.0 $850
H13-821_V3.0 Dumps HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V3.0 $850
H19-335_V2.0 Dumps HCSP-Presales-Transmisson & Access V2.0 $850
H20-682_V1.0 Dumps HCSA-Field-Smart PV V1.0 $850
H12-323_V2.0 Dumps HCIP-WLAN V2.0 $850
H12-511_V2.0 Dumps HCIA-Intelligent Vision V2.0 $850
H12-521_V2.0 Dumps HCIP-Intelligent Vision V2.0 $850
H12-725_V4.0 Dumps HCIP-Security V4.0 $850
H12-931_V2.0 Dumps HCIE-Transmission (Written) V2.0 $850
H13-961_V1.0 Dumps HCIE-GaussDB-OLTP (Written) V1.0 $850
H19-338_V3.0 Dumps HCSP-Presales-Storage V3.0 $850
H20-411_V3.0 Dumps HCSA-Field-IMOC V3.0 $850
H20-682_V2.0 Dumps HCSA-Field Smart PV V2.0 $850
H20-683_V2.0 Dumps HCSP-Field-Smart PV V2.0 $850
H28-152_V3.0 Dumps HCSP-Development-IMOC V3.0 $850
H31-910_V2.0 Dumps HCSA-Orchestration-RPA Application V2.0 $850
H31-911_V2.0 Dumps HCSP-Orchestration-RPA Application V2.0 $850
H35-652 Dumps HCIE-5G-Core (Written) V1.0 $850

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